Letter from the Chair


We hope you will enjoy this quick report of our first annual Spring Celebration!
Rain unable to dampen our spirits!
Firemen arrived quickly to silence alarms and clear the smoke

In spite of torrential rain on March 29th, women of the North Pacific Conference had a HOT time at River Ridge Covenant Church.This first Spring Celebration wasAFLAME with the Spirit.  A new opportunity to gather forWARM fellowship brought together more than 60 women. According to the evaluation form completed at the end of the day, breakout sessions set FIRE to new ideas.

Actually – a little mishap during the hands-on bread baking in the Holy Bread for Holy Days breakout brought some welcome, but unexpected guests on a fire truck!
A short evacuation was required, but the fellowship continued!

Positively inspiring comments:

The breakout, When the Spirit Moved, by Pastor Brian Wiele, chair of the Commission on Biblical Gender Equality for the denomination, elicited this comment: “Such a clear spiritually based explanation of a controversial topic.  Gave me lots to think about and proud of the Covenant stance for equality.”

The “AVA (Advocacy for Victims of Abuse) presentation (by Bobette Scheid and Kristin McKendall)was very informative without being too personal or judgmental.  Gave some good action ways to help others.”

Holy Bread for Holy Days (by Gayla Toften) , was informative and fun. Gayla gave some thought- provoking information about the significance of bread throughout Scripture and shared some yummy and easy recipes that inspire baking a homemade loaf to share at communion.”  

“I love the concept of bringing Pacific NW women together so we can become familiar with each other and be encouraged by each other.”

“Thank you – all was great.  All was informative.  Being new to the denomination, this was very helpful.  I really like the breakout sessions.”

   New business completed

Two new officers were elected to the Leadership Team.Louise Kelly from Grace Covenant in Bremerton is our new Vice President and Janet Russell from Bellingham Covenant is our new Recording Secretary.  A warm welcome to you both!

In response to the great need of the Oso landslide victims, an offering was taken for the Oso Relief Fund at the Covenant’s Arlington United Church.  The Arlington church has been instrumental in aiding their neighbors since the tragedy struck. A check for $916.00 has been forwarded to them.  Thank you, generous women!

And a big thank you to Linda Gersib and her team at River Ridge Covenant Church for putting together a great event!

We hope to welcome you all at next year’s grand Spring Celebration!


Jo Wolfe
President, Board of NPC Women Ministries